Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finding New Traditions

         For me creating traditions with our little family is very important- we are all by ourselves in this city- our extended family a five hour drive away- so I have tried my hardest to create meaningful traditions of our own. For me all these little details that go into making our life together unique and special are at the top of my list- especially during the Holiday season- traditions like Momma made pyjamas, baking cookies, handmade cards and of course gingerbread making are all part of what I do to make this Holiday memorable for our Littles. This year things are looking a little different- I am struggling to let go just a little bit as time runs out for this working Momma.

        I have managed to cobble together what equates to a full time job- I'm juggling three this year along with being an involved and present parent -this is not leaving a tonne of time for my usual Holiday making. This year I ordered the pyjamas- from a beautiful small Momma run company- exactly what I would have sewn for them had I been able to squeak in any extra sewing time. I am buying the cookies- from a local bakery- so at least they will look and taste homemade- plus we really only need small treats not a tonne of cookies. The cards- well sadly they may be more like New Years cards- which is tough for me as sending cards is like sending love to all my friends and family.

       I'm able to let go of control on all these items- I am trying my hardest not to let the working Mom guilt creep in- I know my kids would rather spend their time with me playing or crafting than having me sweating it out over some project or other. So I'm placing priority on time- but the gingerbread- oh I was looking forward to baking that so- we always have such fun rolling out the dough and then decorating each little fella. To say it was relief I felt upon watching the Littles open a package from my Mother In Law would be an understatement- she had ever so thoughtfully sent us a gingerbread house kit!

       Exactly what we needed- something nice and easy- and yet still keeping with our family tradition- the step of baking already taken care for us- the Littles and I happily sat down and decorated our edible house one afternoon post school. Just a small shift but one worth making- they won't remember that I didn't buy all the ingredients- mix everything together and bake it myself. What the Littles will remember is the strangely balmy December afternoon spent licking icing off fingers and sneaking candies while we tried to keep the room from falling in.

       With only a short time left before Christmas I am trying my best to embrace the chaos- our house is a mess- we will most likely be packing dirty laundry when we head home to the Okanagan! For me right now I am really embracing the mantra that the dishes will always be there- the laundry will eventually get done-no one cares if I have baked the cookies myself- they only care that there are cookies. Having my hand forced by time I can see what is actually important- I can let go of the idea of perfection- let go of my struggle to attempt to achieve it and embrace the big old mess that my life actually is- embracing new- messy traditions thats what this year is all about!

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