Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Walking

         Our Christmas Holidays are drawing to a close- sadly we are headed back to the Coast this afternoon- back to our regular life. This week has been so good- everything I had hoped it to be- relaxing- filled with people I love most- laughter- good food and plenty of wine! Our days have been so busy since school started in September- shuttling back and forth- delivering our babes to class- to birthday parties and friend's homes. It was really such a blessing to press pause and just have some quiet time- the best gift of all really!

          Christmas Day my own little Momma and I took to the forest with Miss Lo for a quiet walk- the woods beckoned with their calmness- the Okanagan wind biting at our cheeks as we slowly made our way down familiar paths. The dirty old snow from a few days ago crunching under our boots- providing Miss Lo with enough entertainment to keep her going. Iv'e walked this way too many times to count- the landscape so familiar I can see it behind closed eyes- these are the forests of my childhood.

         Amid all the Christmas goodness- the presents- the food- the presents- it's so good to take that time out- making the day more about being together than anything else. After our walk- after a quick lunch of snacks- the cousins start pouring in- around the campfire we sit- laughing and drinking- eating more sugar than we do all year! This is the good life- this is what it's all about- and that is just enough for me!

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