Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Back In The Studio

           New year- new sketchbook! I always find the first page of a new sketchbook so full of promise and possibility- no mistakes as yet- just a blank slate. I may have spent my Christmas money on a whack of new art supplies this week- I totally spoiled myself with some Molotow acrylic pens- so good- acrylic paint in marker form- makes drawing a real treat! Throw in a new brush or two and not one but two books of watercolour paper and my January is starting to look up!

          For the past few years I have been so focused on making art for resale that my art practice has become quite staid- my pallet has not changed at all- intent on keeping making art that sells I have started to loose my excitement about painting. Since returning to work at an art supply store- being fully immersed in creativity a few times a week- being surrounded by incredibly talented co-workers- I have started to feel the itch to paint again.

          I think that although I feel much freer in my work it really is not much a departure from my screen printed and collaged cards- similar bright- vibrant colouring but not so contrived- no recipe so to speak. This is purely art for art's sake- made just for the fun of it- just for me. There is no pressure here to have these pieces "turn into" anything at all- no end market.

          Going forward into 2015 I am feeling optimistic- hopeful and less afraid than I have in a long time- regarding my art work. Making work just for myself feels really honest- I'm not afraid of being judged by anyone- I'm not trying to have my work appeal to anyone but myself. There are no mistakes to be made- I can change my mind about a painting at any point- leave it- move on and come back at a later time- a much more intuitive way of working. Having a job outside of my own little business allows me the freedom to create in this manner- my bills are paid and now my art work is purely about having fun again- something I haven't felt in the studio in quite some time!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful start to a new year of creative adventures! ( I have jotted down the brand of those pens too.) I like what I see in your sketchbooks so far!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Melissa- the Molotow pens are so fun! If you ever want to try some out swing by Opus downtown on a weekend- I'll be there!


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