Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rhythm of The Weekend

          This past weekend found me with three entire days to myself- well sort of- to rewind back to the beginning. Friday was a professional development day in our school district- so the Littles had the day off school- we started out with a family breakfast at our new favourite neighbourhood bakery- Pure Breads- yummo! Once everyone was fully fortified with treats- Momma and Pops well caffeinated- I loaded up my wee family and sent them on their way to the Okanagan- the Mr. included- off for a weekend of corn mazes and pumpkin partying! Aside from work- I had the weekend to myself- something that hasn't happened in years!

          While I of course missed them terribly I was so happy to have the time to tackle my to do list- a pile of mending and a stack of fresh fabric that had been calling my name since late August. This wee little smock top was a custom order for my own wee girly- she had picked this fabric out at Spool Of Thread way back in the summer and I knew how excited she would be to come home to a new frock hanging in the closet.

          I love being a part of the family unit- being a Momma was all I have ever wanted to be- that said I am also a person who craves solidarity- I actually enjoy doing things on my own. Sitting at my sewing machine with Pearl Jam cranked on the stereo I was in my element- I sewed through dinner time- I sewed right through bed time- I sewed well into the evening! When all was said and done I had a new small frock for Miss Lo, two pairs of panama pants for The Boy and a stack of mended garments- a sense of accomplishment and a well deserved beverage!

         Upon their arrival home my Littles gleefully regaled me with stories of the weekend- showing me all their treats from the weekend- new french books, crafts from the corn maze, carved pumpkins and creepy headbands. When they finally started unwinding and headed into their room- both kiddos were back in a flash- The Boy so excited to have his favourite pants back in action and my girl so excited about a new frock to wear on Monday!

         Since Momma has gone back to work we have all had to adjust a bit- my Mr. doing more than his fair share around the house- my Littles trying their hardest to help Daddy. It's hard for them to understand why I have to miss out on things like this little road trip- but they are doing their best. I know it is so important for me to have that time for myself- and I can see how the loosening of apron strings in benefiting my children. It's different yes but oh so good!

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