Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Hike:Quarry Rock

         This weekend dawned slightly cool with low slung clouds- beach plans were quickly abandoned and it was decided that we needed to head out on a hike that has long been on our list- Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. The Littles are finally old enough to handle the steep climb up and back- agile enough to manoeuvre stairs, rocks and roots- this is a hike not for the faint of heart nor those with poor footwear. After procuring a parking spot- conveniently near Honey's Donuts we made our way to the trail head of the Baden Powell trail- located just past the parking lot of Panorama Park- on the other side of the road the trail is a bit tricky to find.

       Once on the trail however the path is clear- there is only one way and that is mostly up! Apparently many other people also thought that a cloudy Saturday in August would be a good day to hike the trail out to Quarry Rock as it was really busy- rarely a quiet moment to be found which is not really my idea of an enjoyable hike. Crowds aside the hike was a great work out with lots of enjoyable scenery as we made our way up and down the ravines.

          Clearly this very popular hiking trail is well taken care of- multiple sets of stairs and bridges zig zag their way out to the point. Tranquil, trickling streams house what can only be fairy pools- surrounded by ferns and mossy stumps- this is the rainforest at it's best. Once we mad sit out to the end of the trail it was clear to see why this is such a popular hike- the view is spectacular with all of Indian Arm stretching out before you.

         I feel this summer we as a family have really stretched our legs so to speak more than any other year- this can only be attributed to these Littles of our growing and maturing enough to catch the hiking bug. They are interested in the forest and nature- full of questions and needing answers- this has forced both the Mr and I to dig deep into the recess of memory to find which side of trees does moss grow on, what is a fungus, what kind of bird made what kind of noise. I love not only their inquisitive nature but also their adventurous spirit- often wanting to run up the path ahead of us.

        Of course as with lots of things it sometimes takes some encouragement- some days one or the other doesn't feel like doing the family hike we have all agreed on. With the promise of lots of yummy hiking treats and hot chocolate or a donut at Honey's afterwards both Littles are usually brought around- minutes into the hike most complaining is forgotten as the wild takes over. This summer has brought us officially out of having toddlers and infants- we have big kids now- big kids that can do things like hike up the side of a mountain- while I miss the wee babes they once were I am so excited about the young people they are becoming!

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