Thursday, August 14, 2014

This is Five

        My girly is five- yesterday was the big day- we spent the day together just her and I- baking cupcakes and frosting them for her party. This was her wish- to learn to frost cupcakes. It feels like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital to have her and now she is frosting cupcakes! Time flies way too fast these days for my taste- instead of being sad about my baby growing I'm trying my best to celebrate it- to celebrate who she is becoming.

       This year has been so big for you in so many ways my girl- watching you grow into such a loving and creative person makes me so proud. You have transitioned from a toddler into a true big kid this year- I think a big part of that was being on your own for the first time ever this past year- with big brother in full time school you had the run of the house. Watching you catch a passion for crafting and art of course makes me ever so happy- but more importantly was seeing you get excited and watching your eyes glow as you figured out how things work- the first time you felted- the first time you quilted. At five you are already a much better drawer than I am- should you chose to be an artist I feel you will quickly surpass me!

      You love so many things but chiefly among what you love most is animals- you are my animal girl- loving on any fury beast that gets in your path. Riding a horse for the first time this summer was huge for you- in a heart beat I could jump forward years and see you grown and riding like a pro- but like everything I won't push it- it's up to you to decide. Clearly though we are going to have to add a pup or kitty to our family- you ask almost every day and one day I just won't be able to say no to that. Lizards are also up for discussion.

     The past year has seen you go from a little one who still napped to a big kid who scooters everywhere- if you aren't running you are scooting! To the park to meet your friends- most of whom are boys- you are still friends with the same girls as when you were a wee babe- consistently- I'm so glass as you girls grow you like each other. You learned about losing a friend as she moved across the country- you talk about her as if she still lives up the street. You learned the ins and outs of classroom friendships and how cruel some people can be- friendships can be hard but good ones shouldn't be.

     So my girl this was a big year for you- a couple of big changes and many tiny changes that no one noticed until they were already a part of you- like your height- how did you get so tall! I am so proud of who you are and who you are growing into- interesting, smart, creative, funny and sometimes totally nuts! You are changing from a baby into a well rounded person- while I do miss those baby cheeks and fluffy hair I treasure every moment spent with you now and always- my coffee date for the last year I will miss you when school goes in! Happy Birthday to my littlest- my heart- my girl- I love you!

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