Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thrifted Thursday & A Southern Adventure

           There is something so special about the perfect sundress- lightweight and not stiff at all- moves in the breeze- dreamy and cool. Today's Thrifted Thursday is just that- although technically not thrifted at all-but vintage- bought from an Insta-seller on Instagram- my favourite @bonjourmoon! This sweet little gauzy dress is just what I needed for my visit to the Okanagan and it arrived on my parent's doorstep with excellent timing. It was the perfect, lightweight dress for heading South down Hwy 97- into the desert yesterday!

        The Mr. was gathering shots for a project he is on at work and so our entire family of course went along for the ride- excellent sandwiches were procured by my Dad from Il Vechio's in Penticton- to be enjoyed later on in the warm shade at Nk'Mip winery. We caravanned down the valley- enjoying the scenery and taking note of all the various wineries we would like to come back and visit- Blasted Church I'm looking at you!

       After exploring up Anarchist Mountain to Bridesville- Population 30- we headed back down to Osoyoos for a dip in the lake- always the warmest lake in the valley thanks to it's super shallow depths. A few more stops along the way to get interesting shots- including the old Hayne's Ranch in Osoyoos- which was amazing.

          Smart footwear is called for in places like this- not Birkenstocks like I was sporting- after stepping on a few cactus I decided to take my chance with the spiders and headed for higher ground. This ramshackle old farmhouse was once the home to the "Father of Osoyoos" and his family- sadly left to the elements- what once was a beautiful family home is now returning to the earth.

          As the Mr. wrapped up his photo shoot I sat and just watched the landscape in front of me- barren hills covered in scrub brush transitioning into verdant orchards and vineyards- truly a testament to the pioneers who carved out a life in this valley- turning it from desert to irrigated paradise.

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