Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Silver Spurs Trails: A Horse Adventure

        Last week- while still on our Okanagan vacation- my Father In Law came to us with one of his plans- he had booked the Littles their very first riding lesson. So we packed up snacks an headed out past Lumby towards Mable Lake to Silver Spurs Trails- a slice of paradise just outside the city! Silver Spurs is a full on working Dude ranch- the property includes two tee pees which can be rented out for a weekend or a week. Other activities- besides horses- include hiking, fishing and in the winter snow shoeing through the pristine wilderness of the BC back country.

          Upon arrival the Littles were introduced to Starling- the ranch's quietest and easiest horse- they were shown how to say hello- brushed her coat and then learned about putting the blanket and saddle on. This very gradual introduction to the horse helped the kids get comfortable around the big animal-  when the time came to go for their first ride both kids were relaxed and excited at the same time. The staff were so in tuned with the horses and engaged in what they were doing that it naturally drew the kids in and got them interested- although The Boy might have been more interested in the barn cats!

         As much as I was watching my kids I also had an eye on my Father In Law- in his youth he worked extensively with horses- in Germany he was an Olympic Equestrian rider- so it was only natural that he was having a really proud Opa moment watching his kids take their first ride. Both kids were so blown away by being up on the horse- they really loved everything about the ranch though- from the ranch dog Trapper to helping feed the other horses and pick cherries!

        Silver Spurs is such a beautiful spot- fields of daisies surround the property- making everything all the more magical. Surrounded by mountains and close to Mable Lake this would be the ideal spot for a family getaway. The Boy has requested we return and stay in the tee pees and Miss Lo wants to visit her friend Starling again.


  1. How fun !
    Last week I read of your travels to/through Osoyoos, and felt inspired to go and visit the wineries - while we travel to visit my Inlaws in Oliver often, I've only ever been to Osoyoos once.
    And now today I read of your travels into my neck of the woods! Somehow I'd forgotten about Silver Spurs ... but it has now been added to our list of places to explore again soon.
    Absolutely love your blog.

    1. Oh we had such fun at Silver Spurs- it is such a beautiful place- you are lucky to live in the area Megan! Love the whole Northern Okanagan! Ok who am I kidding- I love the whole Okanagan ;)


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