Monday, May 5, 2014

How We Weekend

        As many folks on the West coast can attest to this weekend was Biblical in terms of precipitation- it rained- it poured- epic movie style rain most of the weekend and when it wasn't raining it was nasty and grey. It would have been a good weekend to snuggle indoors with many mugs full of hot coffee- instead our family decided to venture across the border on a mini get away to Seattle. With loads of different attractions to check out a little road trip turned out to be just the ticket!

         Our first stop- after the outlet mall of course- was the Museum of Flight- which thanks to our Vernon Science Centre passes we got in for free! Many local passes- such as the Vancouver Science World season's pass will grant you free admittance to other science centres and museums- it's always good to check the terms of your pass before you step up to the counter to pay.

    The Museum of flight was fascinating- aside from the immense scale of the entire building and the actual planes hanging from the ceiling - we found the exhibits very well curated and user friendly. I was particularly impressed with their attention to highlighting women in flight- with an entire exhibit devoted to Amelia Earhart as well as other female fliers that were ground breaking in aviation before her. Over in the WWII exhibition a large part of the display was dedicated to the WASPs as well as women in flight from other countries during the war. To me the best part of the entire day was when I was trying to explain to my daughter that these ladies were groundbreaking in what they did- I know that these ladies were just the beginning of breaking the gender barrier- I was explaining to Miss Lo that she could do anything she set her mind to. She turned to me and said "well of course I can Momma"- to her it never even occurred that women are anything but equal to men.

         We stayed over at a charming vintage hotel only a few blocks from Pike Place Market-  I say charming as in it was slightly quirky- I may have accidentally locked Miss Lo in the bathroom- we sorted it out before anyone became too panicked. With in walking distance of anything we could possibly want to see we spent a great deal of Sunday morning exploring the market and surrounding area before hopping back in the car and heading out to our next destination- The Pacific Science Centre.

        Again thanks to our season's passes from the Vernon Science Centre our entrance to the Pacific Science Centre was free- you do have to pay additional for any of the special exhibitions but the general areas are open. This science centre is quite cool with working dinosaur robots- as well as the actual bones- working tidal pools and a wonderful exhibition on how the body works- food turning to energy. The kids had a great time interacting with all the kinetic sculptures- making machines move with their bodies and lighting up lights with man made energy- it was all pretty cool!

           Sometimes all a person really needs to change their perspective is a change of setting- a mini weekend away was just what our family needed. Sitting here on Monday morning- again it is kinda raining out- I am feeling ready to tackle the week. I am inspired by things I have seen this past weekend- colours and moods- I am excited to get back in the studio- jump back into work. I think first another cup of hot coffee is called for and a bit of snuggling with my babes- then work!

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