Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Magic is In The Scrambled Eggs

      The other day I posted a picture on Facebook of some baking in action along with the long list of edible goods that I had made in an afternoon- I know everyone who saw that picture thinks that I am some sort of crazy kitchen witch. It was definitely a weekend from scratch- the weather was dismal- my kids were playing video games and I took advantage of a couple of hours to get ahead of the lunch situation for the coming week. Did you read that right? My kids were playing video games! I often get asked how I do all this ... stuff (for lack of a better word) and some times what is missing from the picture you see here is the video games, the TV, the messy house, ect.

    So I thought I would give you a sneak peek into what our weekends actually really look like- starting with my favourite day of the week. Friday night we can usually be found at what the neighbours and I have started calling the "Hall Party"- every Friday afternoon parents on our floor throw open our doors and the kids start to run from one apartment to another playing- the Moms for the most part can be found drinking wine- checking in on some of the little Littles but for the most part leaving them to their own devices. Dinner for our family on Fridays is usually either scrambled organic eggs and toasted homemade bread or pizza from scratch (recipe here)- followed by more wine- of course.

   Saturday morning finds Mama with a large bowl of coffee lounging in front of the local news for far too long. We usually like to pay a visit to our local Farmers Market- as discussed many, many times here! I love a good grocery shop to the Farmers Market- but equally important for a lot of our staples is our twice monthly trip to Costco- they have great organics and are conveniently located right up the street from our house. Once the food has been taken care of we usually try for some outdoor time- in warmer weather this is never an issue- heading to the beach or one of the many trails in our area. always more coffee for me in hand- always.

    Sundays are my time to work- I like to get a head start on the week- baking any bread we might need and getting the yogurt started. This all sounds like a lot of work but it really is not- I bake cookies while the bread is rising- the oven is the perfect temperature by the time the bread has risen for the second time. The yogurt just needs to be occasionally stirred on the stove and then jarred and put in the cooler over night- easy peasy. The granola bars are a must- I cant even handle thinking about all the wrappers that get thrown away in a school year- so home made it is.  Lets also mention what is going on in the back ground here- again my kids are probably playing video games- not a beautiful, quiet, felted board game in sight. And it's loud- someone is usually getting hit over the head with a controller- lets be real here life is messy and loud.

   As you can see there really is nothing amazing about our weekends- occasionally we find ourselves in a magical spot in a forest or on a beach- more often than not its just real life with kids fighting while I try and find sanity in the kitchen. Often times what you see on a blog is only a snippet of real life- because really who is interested in reading about my kids fighting over what Skylander is put on the portal? Who is interested in my heaping piles of dishes? Where the magic can be found is that we are together- my kids might be fighting but they are doing it together- I am in the kitchen and the Mr. is probably still working on a Lego project abandoned hours ago by The Boy. The magic is in the yelling. The magic is in the giggles. The magic is in the scrambled eggs.

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