Friday, April 25, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch

           Since the Littles both started school last fall I have found myself with chunks of time on may hands- twice a week I usually have no children for three hours- for this Mom of two very close babies this was a bit unnerving at first- slowly it has become my life raft! I chose the word life raft because that is exactly what it is- a foray back out into the world with out my children by my side- a foray back out into the world as myself. Initially I sat at coffee shops and wistfully watched Mommas stroll by with their toddlers- missing my own wee ones badly. Then I was gently nudged into taking a yoga class once a week- connecting once a week with friends and myself in beauty and quiet was just what I needed.

         Recently- with the return of fair weather- this time is being spent venturing further afield on regular outings- lunches- with ladies- also known as Ladies Who Lunch- yeah it's becoming a thing and it's wonderful! Our numbers vary depending on who is available on any given day- the general goal is to source out new spots with yummy new flavour combinations- and coffee- always coffee! How can you go wrong with good friends, good food and really good coffee?

        Yesterday was a bit of an impromptu Ladies Who Lunch outing- friend Erin and I hit the sea wall in the sunshine for a brisk walk all the way out to Second Beach in Stanley Park- cutting up through the park into the West End it was decided we needed coffee before picking up Miss Lo. Enter in Greenhorn Cafe- gently nestled in the heart of the West End at 994 Nicola st. While we had visited Greenhorn before neither of us had actually eaten anything more than a scone- so we settled in and stayed a while- soaking up the excellent ambiance all the while indulging in a delicious post walk snack.

        Both Erin and I tried the house made daily quiche- bacon and tomato- it did not disappoint! There was much speculating about the quiche crust as it was so tender yet not at all greasy and slightly crispy- in a nutshell it was fantastic. We had to ask what the Greenhorn quiche secret was- turns out it's a fresh homemade tortilla! Ok and the coffee of course needs a shout out- this is by far one of my favourite Lattes in Vancouver- delish!

          What we both really like about Greenhorn coffee- beyond the food and coffee is the casual and interesting style- the menu is printed on great rolls of kraft paper- beautiful floral installations abound. Located just a few blocks off bustling Robson street Greenhorn is like a little oasis in the middle of the city- a mixture of all sorts of people from families and dogs to tourists and business type folks- makes for some superior people watching!

       Friends it is Friday once again- the sun is shining and my little Miss has her Kindergarten Orientation today- *sob*- my how time flies! This weekend we have birthday parties and book launches and all sorts of wonderful plans with friends! My you all have sunshine on your face and love in your heart! Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. I want to be a lady who lunches. But I don't have child free hours, since I have a baby and a homeschooler, but I do take advantage when I only have 2 of my 3....


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