Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Focus on Sarah Clement: Illustrator

         As we all know by now there really is nothing I enjoy more than a new book- a new book with beautiful drawing is even better! Enter in a freshly illustrated book Half For You and Half For Me - re imagined nursery rhymes by Katherne Govier and illustrated with the whimsical stylings of Sarah Clement. I first met Sarah several years ago and from the very beginning could see something special lurking with in her heart and imagination.

        In Sarah's own words:

       Illustrating my first book was quite the journey. It lead my through vast terrain, through valleys of self-doubt and up to mountain peaks of creative joy. I met many characters along the way. I had been introduced to a few of them as a child, but this time I got to have a hand in shaping their personalities. There was the giant from Fee Fi Fo Fum (an angry, apron-wearing grizzly bear), Peter Peter Pumpkin eater (a Raven with a pumpkin comically balanced on his head) and Jack be nimble (a colourful gazelle, gracefully jumping over a candlestick in the African safari). There were many more and I enjoyed watching them develop into whimsical characters of their own.

This is Sarah's first time collaborating with an author on a project like this book- she claims that it pushed her out of her personal art boundaries- such as drawing people- which is something she doesn't do very often.  Stylistically the illustrations are very similar to Sarah's previous work but it is clear that she is exploring new processes particularly in backgrounds- the results are beautiful, multi dimensional visual narratives.

          This coming Saturday- April 26 2014- Sarah will be on hand at one of our favourite spots- Collage Collage for a book launch and signing. The hours are from noon until 2:00 pm- 621 Kingsway. If you can't make it to what is sure to be a stellar afternoon then check out Half For You & Half For Me over on Heather's Picks over at Indigo Books! Also be sure to check out Sarah's blog Light and Lines for a visual feast- new works in progress and just general beauty!

        I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of what looks to be a lovely little book- perfect to tuck into our travel bag and read in the car or by the shore- at Grandma's house or snuggled around the campfire. This is sure to quickly become a family favourite for the timeless nursery rhymes as much as the haunting illustrations! If you are in the neighbourhood this Saturday be sure to stop by Collage Collage and pick up your own copy of Half For You & Half For Me- be sure to get Sarah to sign it too!

photo credit: Julie Nicole

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