Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Peek At Our Weekend

           This weekend was and wasn't completely perfect- the weather was flawless- our visit was fantastic but The Boy- well he had the stomach flu. So we did what we could to keep him comfortable and in between bouts of sickness the rest of the family had a quiet weekend enjoying the sunshine. Miss Lo thoroughly enjoyed having her Poppa's undivided attention- no brother or cousins to interfere- they went on an adventure just the two of them.

      My Mom and I had ample opportunity to visit- touring the garden and checking to see what is coming along- Peachland is several weeks behind Vancouver so while we have had our Spring bulbs blooming at the coast they are only just starting in the Okanagan. In patches along the side of the road my perennial favourite- Arnica- are starting to bloom- those bright yellow daisy type flowers- often called Black Eyed Susans. The lawn is full of shy violets. Sitting with my Mom in the sunshine on the back patio- sipping wine- listening to a neighbour's jam session- talking about my Grandma was the best part of my weekend.

         The Boy was upset that he had missed out on all the fun- being sick is no fun at all- he missed out on hot dogs and going to the park- he missed out on playing in the yard- OK well mostly he was sad that he missed out on digging in the dirt. We have plenty more of these weekends planned- school is almost over- it's almost time to hit the road.

        I think if having kids has taught me anything it's how to be flexible. We had planned on going up the valley to Vernon to visit the Mr.'s family on Saturday- but with The Boy literally out for the count and unable to move we just had to adapt our plan. Once he was feeling better we did manage to get a visit in with the Mr.'s Mom, Sister, Niece & Partner and our Great Niece- who is turning 1- nothing like a wee babe to make people smile!

       At any rate yesterday afternoon we reluctantly packed up the van and turned into the sun as we headed West towards the ocean- home. I know I have said it so often here but I belong to two places- my adopted city that I love so much- full of my life and friends- and the Okanagan- my home- full of my history- my family and the lake that holds my heart. The wonderful thing about trips like this is that either way I am always coming home.

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