Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Adventure

           This past weekend we made our first trip of the year to our hometowns in the Okanagan- to me I am always home as soon as I see the Okanagan Lake as we come down off the Highway. I never thought it would be possible to be homesick for over ten years but it is a feeling that endures. Every chance we get we take the Littles down to the lake- even if like this past weekend it was too cold for swimming. There is always something to entertain down at the beach- throw in some bikes and you have a recipe for an entire afternoon spent outside.

       Lots of layers were called for as the breeze off the lake was brisk- I think I counted about six fishing boats out on the grey waters- those hearty souls. I spent many years down on the water- I worked at the local marina and this was the time of year for serious fishermen- folks always feeling the itch to get their boats in the water. I remember several years we were putting boats in the water with the snow falling- our fingers numb but happy to be out on the water.

       Spring is just around the corner- the willow trees are turning yellow as the sap starts to warm up- a few trees are starting to bud- the bulbs are just peeking through the soil. The Okanagan is always about two weeks behind the Coast seasonally- the difference comes in the summer when the Okanagan explodes with food and colour.

        I have live in Vancouver for twelve years- twelve! While I love my adoptive city and all that it affords I still miss the quiet of the Valley- of course I miss my family but I think I may miss the lake just as much- it soothes my soul. The Okanagan is a magical place one that catches hold of you and doesn't let go- my Grandma knew it- my parents know it.

The Okangan Valley is calling me back home
Where my Okanagan sweetheart waiting there alone
And though I'm far away, I'm coming home to stay
Dreamy Okanagan moon shining from above
Dreamy Okanagan moon shine down on my love
Though we had to say goodbye, love like ours will never die
Tell her I'm returning soon, Okanagan Moon

Florence Fazan


  1. The best thing I have seen all day SB

  2. I've been away since I graduated. (gulp 2000!) I have the same feelings when we come down off of the Coq and into the valley when you first glimpse the lake. Even in the dark of night I strain my eyes to see it and yell to wake everyone in the car so they can see it too. The last time it was night and the sky was clear (in winter, lucky!) and the moon was reflecting in the lake. SO beautiful. I miss it. Although I'm pretty sure if I lived there again I'd turn homicidal, but it's so nice to visit.

    1. Im pretty sure I wouldn't do well living there for long stretches of time either- however I could never know unless I actually tried- who knows maybe I have changed?


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