Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Studio Update

            It feels like forever since I shared a proper studio update and yet it feels like I never stop working! I'm very pleased to announce that Plain Jane linen Heritage pillows can now be found and Nineteenten Home Boutique on Main Street here in Vancouver- this is such a lovely store- every item is carefully chosen and assembled into a gorgeous collection of treasures. It is simply thrilling that my pillows have found a place on their shelves- and in the window!

            I feel this last order really pushed me to create a well thought out and well finished item- I changed a few things including my embroidery thread- switching from a traditional silk thread to a heartier merino and silk blend- the impact on the pillows is much more graphic and I feel a lot warmer. Another change is how I finish the backs of Heritage pillows- these small decorative pillows now come with an envelope style closure which means the insert can be removed if tragedy strikes and a spill occurs!

         Over the past month or so I have really been thinking about the nature of Plain Jane and where it's going- my first love is screen printing however I feel there is a bit of a glut in the screen printed textile market- it is time to move on from that. Also cards- I love, love, love creating my one of a kind cards- however I have noticed that demand for them is down- like way down- sadly I feel folks are just not mailing love anymore. So while I will still have limited runs of Plain Jane cards in the shop they will not be the back bone of the business anymore- it's a sad day but when something is just not working it's time to move on! It can be a difficult thing to be really honest with one's self and change behaviors when something just doesn't work- I am trying to be really realistic with myself.

          The flip side of that sad coin is that now I am freed up to try out new products- I am super pleased to be introducing my new line of feather pins into the shop at the beginning of April! Of course they are available now but just in limited numbers- shown below each small, hand embroidered pin is about 2" long- backed with linen- each mini work of wearable art is only $15 right now. Designed in memory of my Grandma who loved bird watching- I'm wearing mine everywhere this week.

           So you can see that a large portion of that radio silence was in part due to how busy I have been in the studio- a new exciting direction has me all fired up! Not one to rest on my laurels I am already hard at work on the next batch of Heritage pillows headed for the old Etsy shop! I am happiest when my hands are busy- I love the portable nature of this craft and how I can be busy just about everywhere.

         I remember the summer I learned to embroider- I thought it was the most boring thing on earth and I am sure my sampler went unfinished- as many summer projects tended to be for me. I must have been about thirteen- we were living in our new house way high up above town- all my friends were down at the beach but it was too far for me to walk alone- so I sat moping for most of that summer. In an effort to staunch the moping and the whining that I am sure accompanied it my Mom put a blank piece of cotton and a hoop in my hands and showed me the basic stitches- I think the first pattern I worked on was a Holy Hobby type Prairie girl. Hello irony! Proof that you never know what you learn as a child you may one day use to make a living!

PS- as an added bonus I am offering 25% off in the Etsy shop on all in stock items! Just use code Spring1

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