Friday, March 28, 2014

Sometimes Enough is Good Enough

         Spring Break is winding down- today is that last official day- already we are starting to think about practicing printing and our French home reading- it has sat in The Boy's back pack for the past two weeks. We have kept things pretty simple these last couple of weeks- a trip to the Okanagan to visit our families and loads of visits with our friends in town- a play date a day for the past two weeks- this Mama is tiered! The occasional sunny day meant trips to the beach and park- our favourite Summer time haunts. Rainy days meant lots of Lego play and short walks in our own neighbourhood- in between the rain drops- just enough to stretch growing legs.

       These past two weeks we were given ample opportunities to enroll our Littles in a variety of exciting camps and activities- everything from art classes to soccer camps- due to one thing or another- mostly travelling we opted out. As we head towards Summer we are already being bombarded with similar opportunities to fill the Little's days- it gives me pause to wonder when is enough good enough?

      My days with these little creatures of mine are not infinite- the days can feel at times far too short and at others far too long- but I see Kindergarten is just a few months off (sob) and Grade one just around the corner. These Littles will not be so little for much longer- I hate the thought of filling their days with classes and activities when they could be connecting with friends and cousins- playing and doing other important work of childhood. In the same breath I wonder if I am doing them a disservice- what if that pottery class unlocks the passion of a lifetime? Parenting is difficult business I tells yah! Finding that balance is tricky- especially when all these opportunities present themselves to you right on your very doorstep!

   While Summer vacation is still a few months away I am thoroughly going to enjoy our last few days of Spring Break- our first BBQ of the season- a hike in the rain- definitely a visit to Honey's Donuts! Childhood is fleeting- more so than ever these days- I am content to give my Littles just enough- enough to fill their souls up with happy memories and hugs from friends. Finding contentment in all the lovely humans in our lives.

    Friends it is Friday once again- as mentioned our weekend is going to be full of adventures spent close to home- personally I am excited for the first Hot dog Friday of the season! I hope your weekends are filled with peace and love dear Friends- Happy Friday!

PS- fine boxed wine goes very well with hot dogs!

** I would also like to share that my very first post is up over at Modern Mama! I am so excited to be a part of this team and add my voice to a new audience! Today I am talking all about our portable art kit- art on the go! Click here to read!

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