Monday, March 10, 2014

A Fresh Start

            Good Morning Friends and Happy Monday- I feel like today is the start of something fresh and new- there really is nothing like a bout of bad health to make a person truly appreciative of the everyday lives we all lead! Last week our family has hit hard by a round of the stomach flu- I liken it to the Great Flu Epidemic of 2011- it was just that bad. So after many packages of Saltines have been consumed, numerous litres of Ginger Ale flattened and countless loads of laundry washed and put away- life is returning to normal.

        Yesterday was the first day since last weekend that we felt well enough to venture outside for reasons other than procuring more crackers and what a treat it was! Some time over the past week Spring has started peeking out in earnest- crocuses and (my favourite) snow drops- blossoming like nobodies business- the birds are thoroughly Twitterpated and the sun- oh the sun felt warm! With the switch to Daylight Savings yesterday felt like a holiday- scooters and bikes were out in full force and the Littles were thrilled to be out with their friends ripping around the playground- dinner was held off- play was just too important!

      This winter has been a tough one- I know my friends and family back East will laugh at this statement- but Vancouver winters are hard- dark and grey- soul draining. The promise of fairer days ahead has me beyond happy- I am dreaming of shorts and sandals- bare feet at the beach- sitting on a blanket with my favourite ladies while our Littles collect crabs and screech up and down Sunset Beach- coffee in the morning- Whiskey Iced Tea in the afternoons- warm breezes on our shoulders- surprise sunburns when we get home- yeah those days are coming back again soon!

       I know there has been a great deal of radio silence over the past little while on this old blog- aside from last weeks absence due to the flu- I have really been struggling with coming here and writing each and every day- I love to write- even if it is about nothing much- but I am struggling to find enough hours in the day. I am hoping with a return to fair weather I will start to feel motivated and inspired to come here and share the small details of my days. So please just bear with me as I try to find my way- and time- I promise brighter days are ahead!

PS I may have even spotted a few Buttercups! Yeee! So exciting- I love all the first shy flowers of Spring!


  1. So beautiful out! Glad you guys are all feeling better now. We're just glad our snow is starting to melt and it's above 0 today. :) I know Van winters are grey- that would be so hard. For us--we may have tons of snow, but we have sunshine with it.

  2. I missed you, but sometimes a little hiatus is needed just to dust off your creative bone.
    Also even though my winter was very un wintery, I miss a good old fashioned Canadian spring, where it emerges slowly and lets you enjoy it. Here there is no emergence, it's hot through Nov, then rainy (if we're lucky) then it's hot again. Sigh. AND my favourite spring wild flowers just don't exist here, no crocuses, no buttercups. Sadness. (we do have tulips and daffodils, which I would die inside without.) Oh and no lilacs either, since they have to freeze. ;( (I miss home.) Anyhow, welcome back! HAPPY SPRING!


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