Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Adventure

           Every weekend we try and go on at least one family adventure- our adventures don't need to be big or even cost a lot of money- in fact the best adventures are often close to home and cost roughly the same as a cup of coffee- or are an actual cup of coffee! This weekend was no exception- we stuck close to home but paid a visit to one of our favourite beaches- English Bay- usually we find it far too crowded with tourists but this weekend snow was gently falling and the beach was abandoned save for the Surfrider Foundation doing beach clean up- and of course us!

     With our coffees in hand - the Mr and I guided our Littles through the deserted streets of Vancouver's West End- once at the beach we turned them loose to do what kids do best- mostly roll in the sand. There was a fair amount of beach combing, some races and lots of digging. Yeah this is why we love the West Coast- deserted beaches all to our selves in the middle of winter!

        I love the sound of the city when it snows- a quiet descends as folks chose to stay indoors, the falling snow muffling the traffic- the normal hustle and bustle seems to slow right down. This is balm to my soul as one of the most challenging aspects of city living is the noise- I think anyways- I need peace and quiet every once in a while. We have little secret spots all over our dear city where our family seeks  out solitude- English Bay is not usually one of them- which is why it was such a treat to have the beach essentially all to ourselves!

         I find that winter is the season for tucking in and resting- healing ourselves for the coming time of longer days and sunshine- fun and constant activity. I am spending this time right now sorting out our lives so when those longer days hit our life won't be so disorganized. I am also spending so much time this winter pursuing things I love to do- knitting, painting- cooking of course! Filling up my soul with little domestic pursuits that make me happy- filling my soul with quiet and reflection- visiting places that give me that feeling of contentment. This is what our family weekend adventures are becoming more and more- simple and quiet- finding laughter and fun in easy living!


  1. domestic pursuits = love. I find I want to just hunker down and do more at home right now. But coming home from the great white north (a little east and more north than you...) to practically summer, I find I want to tinker outside too, but be home. I love my home. I wish you lived next door!

    1. I too am getting antsy to scratch around outdoors! My rhubarb is up! I am just trying to finish a lengthy list of things before it gets nice so I will be all sorted and just free as a bird with nothing to worry about once Spring hits! So I stay inside just a little longer and nest:) I too wish I lived next door to you! We would have so much fun!


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