Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Boy Is 6

       My dear boy- last night you went to bed a five year old and today you woke up six- life moves pretty fast! Today is not only your birthday but mine as well- it is the day I became your mother- the day I set myself aside and took on the building of a good person. Those early days are so hard to remember- fuzzy at best- vague recollections of days spent watching you sleep as the early Spring sun slanted through the blinds over your face. You are my Spring baby.

    As you grow and change I can see why Mothers everywhere still look upon their grown children as though they are infants- not that you are even close to being grown but I understand. I look at you and see quietly blooming confidence- full of questions demanding answers- keenly aware of life around you- I still see the precocious toddler with a halo of blond, fuzzy curls- face covered in chocolate. Your feet are almost as big as mine- which you pointed out this morning.

    This morning you jumped out of your own bed and came to us- wondering if your tooth had spontaneously fallen out now that you were six. I asked if you felt any different- you said you felt bigger- that you probably wouldn't wrestle any more. Somehow I think you will still wrestle- you have an energy that is infectious and at times exhausting- I can't see you ever wanting to sit still- and I don't want you to.

     This year has been so full of challenges for you and time and time again we have risen to meet them together as a family- full day school is a lot and I am so thankful for a teacher who understands that boys need to be outside running and playing. You are learning what it really means to be kind and inclusive- how it hurts when others are not. You are learning how to talk to others with out hurting them- interpersonal skills can go a long way in kindergarten!

       My boy- my first- my little love- we are so proud of you- it amazes us to no end the things you know- the skills you are gathering. It is hard to believe we have any part in that but somehow you take everything in that we have to offer- you process it and I can see the wheels turning at times. Life can be hard and scary but nothing worth having ever is! We love you dear boy and love walking this path together with you! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your little boy! :)


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