Friday, February 28, 2014

Late February

           Wednesday night saw found us getting very little sleep- The Boy had a cough that would just not be stopped and subsequently everyone was kept awake. So yesterday morning when I woke up so tiered I thought my eyes were made of sandpaper I made the decision to keep both Littles home from school- while this may seem counterintuitive ( I could have napped while they were both away) I knew neither of them would be at their best for the school day- so home they stayed. Looking at a full day with two tiered and cranky children I steeled myself against the inevitable terrible day it was sure to be.

          Then something miraculous occurred- once several cups of coffee worked their magic I noticed that the day was not too grey- the clouds were breaking- no rain. With my two favourite Littles at home this meant only one thing- beach day! We grabbed the scooters and threw together a hastily assembled picnic and headed out for adventure. Our favourite neighbourhood beach was of course mostly deserted- really only busy during lunch when near by offices empty out- and so we had the place to our selves- peace prevailed through out the land.

          Sometimes when we are at our most vulnerable things just have a way of working out- what was sure to be a very hard day became an easy day once I threw any additional expectations out the door. We were fed and clothed and we played- some days that is all anyone really needs to be happy- to fix a terrible night- well play and a tonne of coffee for me!

       Walking through our neighbourhood I noticed so many promising signs of Spring- late February is like that- it all happens very suddenly- the trees start blooming- the birds start freaking out- crocuses are blooming and best of all the days are noticeably longer. I need Spring so badly- I need longer- brighter- warmer days- I am so over Winter(which yes I know could have been much worse). Looking back to a post about January it's hard to believe how much things change yet stay exactly the same in such a short span of time.

              My Littles are growing- maturing- they still squabble but the times that they get along and play or at least work out their own disputes is starting to outweigh the times I need to intervene. Seeing the physical manifestation of their growth and maturing can be compared in a handy metaphor to the buds on the trees- just waiting to bloom. I wont do that though- no metaphors- no pushing them to grow- just sitting back and enjoying both my children and the trees in late February.

     Friends it is Friday- this week we are sticking close to home- although I so wish to be with my family in the Okanagan the roads are just too nasty right now- my heart is with them- with my Mom. May you all be surrounded by love and family- with sunshine in your hearts if it is not on your shoulders- Happy Friday!

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