Monday, February 10, 2014

Crafternoon: Birds of A Feather Valentine's Cards

         Good Morning Friends- I like to imagine that we are all just meeting up for coffee and a chat- I usually come to this space with that in mind- I am writing a conversation with my dear friends over the miles! This morning we are waking up to a long weekend- Family Day in B.C.- and while I am usually super excited to hop out of bed and run out the door for a fun activity my family has decided they want to just chill- so chillin' it is. Some Lego for the Mr. and The Boy- Miss Lo and I are getting our craft on because you know it's Valentine's Day soon!

       These cute little birds were inspired by those lovely ladies up at Collage Collage- our favourite go to spot for craft supplies! We were there a few weeks ago and one of the classes had created bird crowns- this idea of super simple little pom pom birds stuck with me and I felt they needed to be turned into this year's Valentine's cards- because everything is better with googly eyes! Am I right or am I right?

      All you will need for the Birds of  Feather Valentine's cards are a packet of assorted pom poms- we like the fluorescent ones- who says Valentines day needs to be exclusive to red & pink! You will also need white glue, googly eyes, orange paper and some green card stock- use a heavy weight like Bristol board which I find holds up to white glue and enthusiastic 4 year old crafting!

     To start with glue on the googly eyes- we used a popsicle stick to get the glue onto the googly eyes- Miss Lo found the tiny eyes very frustrating so she was in charge of the larger sized ones- glue on the eyes and set aside for a minute or two while the white glue sets up- cut out diamonds from the orange paper and fold in half- these are the beaks- glue in place and allow the glue to set up.

     While the bird bodies are drying take this time to cut out the hearts- we started with a heart template and traced it out onto the green cards stock so all the hearts would be uniform- Miss Lo is a whiz with scissors but if your little one is not quite there yet you can help out with the cutting. The green hearts are in fact leaves and the base for the cards- go ahead and glue the pom pom birds down to the heart leaves!

        Stamp or write your Valentine's greeting onto the card- weather you write your name or send it as a Secret Admirer is up to you! I love Valentine's day- setting aside the commercialism is easy if you just think outside the box a bit. This time of year can be rather dull and it is still months away from Spring Break- what a better way to break the mid school year slump than with a little bit of love!

        As a side note: pom poms and googly eyes are from Collage Collage- coloured papers from Opus Framing and Art Supplies- "happy valentine's day" stamp  from I'm Impressed.

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