Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's A New Year!

         The first day of 2014- what will you do? I like to start the New Year off in the manner with which it will continue- so we will be heading outside to enjoy some fresh air by the ocean. Maybe a small hike- because it feels like it's been ages since I moved my body- in reality it's only been a couple of days. Our dream trip to California is over and we are home- trying to decompress and successfully ignoring the piles of laundry and broken suitcases that are piled up in our hall way. Over the next few days I will share pieces of our adventure here- it's tough to sort it all out - it feel a bit unreal.

       Our family is so looking forward to this next year- I think instead of making any dramatic New Years resolution we have declared that we are staying the course- improving on a few things but for the most part just maintaining momentum- we love where we are at in our lives right this second. What we do every New Years day as a family is grab a fresh sheet of paper and make a list of all the things we want to do this year- places we want to go, things we want to see and learn- nothing big- more of a manifesto than a resolution. Plus it's really fun to dream!

      Personally I am searching for my word of the year- my guiding word that will help me stay the course- help me focus. I had toyed around with "Grace" as I often struggle to find grace in my daily life- but I think the more obvious word for me will be "SIMPLE". Inspired by a friend's resolution to "keep things simple" I have decided this is a good guiding word for 2014- we have already simplified much of our life but I feel with in all aspects of my life -studio practice, commitments, family- it's a key word to remember and apply. I need to keep things tight and not get too scattered this year!

       So right now I am going to go cuddle up with one more latte while my gang of hooligans puts the finishing touches of their Lego masterpieces then we are going to bundle up in our rain gear (sigh did I mention I miss California?) and head out for our first family hike of the year! Happy 2014 Friends!

PS- the photo above is from just outside Bakersfield- coming down out of the hills and into the valley was seriously like falling into a John Steinbeck novel- it was awe inspiring and humbling at the same moment

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