Monday, January 6, 2014

Field Trip: San Francisco

         There is most definitely some truth that lies in that old song with the lyrics "I left my heart in San Francisco". I left my heart there 16 years ago on my first trip as a young art school student- the history and romance (which to me are one in the same) had me at Hello. So it was with great excitement when our family started planning our big trip to California that we decided to spend some time in the great city- it was a magic we wanted our Littles to experience- weather they remember it or not.

         I know the weather in San Francisco can be less than desirable -however any time I have visited the skies have been clear and the air as soft as June in Vancouver. Last week was no exception- it was a t-shirt and sandal kinda day- what a treat! We started off our day with a stop to admire the Golden Gate bridge- although I have been across the bridge many times before I have never been under or beside it- a great little hike to start our day.

         From there we of course had to head down to Fisherman's Wharf- we were after all tourists and had to check out the action- it was very, very busy. After a brief stroll though the restaurants and boats we hopped on a trolley car and headed up to Union Square and Market Street- a ride on the trolley is a great way to see the city as the main trolley line runs up Russian Hill and Knob Hill. The Mr and I enjoyed the architecture and the Littles enjoyed the ride- a win- win for all! 

        The magic of San Francisco being what it is allows for serendipity to play a roll in every visit I have to the city. On this particular visit after way too much walking our Littles were done- we all kinda were- it was getting dark and everyone was hungry. We started to wander (with a vague sense of direction) back to our car with every intention of just heading back to our friend's house. Serendipity stepped in and all of a sudden I looked up and noticed we were in North Beach- standing in the exact same spot outside City Lights Book store where I had stood 14 years earlier at the turn of the Millennium- amazing where 14 years will take you and how it is possible to end up in the same place on the same day once again.

        So again San Francisco stole my heart- it's soft breezes and beautiful colours- lovely people- good food and of course that fantastic element of serendipity that worked it's magic. We stopped our journey back to the car- found a little place to eat dinner- relaxed- enjoyed the sunset- regrouped and just enjoyed the moment. This was our final evening in California- the next would find us on a plane headed back to our rainy city- once again we were reminded that it's the little things that make a trip and more importantly-life wonderful!

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