Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Small Sewing

          As discussed a few weeks ago we are heading South for the Holidays- California to visit friends and of course Disneyland- which our kids still don't know about! They still think we are only going to visit our friends- they may or may not totally freak out when they find out our actual destination- so exciting!

         I have this strange belief that when going on a big trip or vacation a few new items of clothing are needed- this is especially true for our Littles- who may not be so little any more- they are growing quickly! Warm weather clothes that fit a few months ago now fall short on legs and torsos- a bit of sewing was needed. Miss Lo got a few new tops- my favourite it this crazy, fun print recently picked up on a whim at Spool Of Thread- my go to fabric store for fantastic- different fabrics. Sewn up in a simple smock top (pattern is originally from Sew Liberated) the banner/ rhino print is right up Miss Lo's alley!

           The second top is sewn up from some really pretty double gauze- also from Kokka- but purchased so long ago I don't even remember where I found it! This top I added a band at the bottom for a bit of added interest- I love taking a basic pattern and making it my own. So the stack of home sewn clothes going into the suitcase grows- we aren't packing much so I am hoping four tops for just over a week will be enough! My stack of sewing is shrinking as projects get wrapped up for the year- the last thing on my list are two pairs of Christmas pajama bottoms. I am going to do my best to stay out of Spool Of Thread this week- but there is some yummy dotted double gauze calling my name- Momma might need a new infinity scarf!

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