Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Gifts For Hip Dudes

         I am a bit fan of working with leather- I love it- there is something that whispers "this is special" about leather. Maybe it is the historical pedigree of leather- it is an ancient and honest material that is tried and true. Perhaps it is the social connotations that leather equals quality goods- I learned at an early age to sniff purses to tell if they were made of leather or not- quality purses are made of leather! Impress all your friends this Holiday season with these arrow inspired key chains- cause you know arrows are super hip right now.

        The arrow key chain could not be any easier to make- all you really need is a scrap of leather, a blank key ring, rivets and a hammer- very straight forward! To start with sketch out your design on the back of the leather- taking into account the size of the key ring and narrowing the top of the leather to fit through the ring.  Cut out arrow shape. Loop the end of the leather through the key ring- punch a hole through both pieces of leather and insert rivet- add the back of the rivet and hammer into place.

       I can't think of any hipster dude that would not love getting this leather cheveron key chain in their stocking this Holiday season! I have this super bad habit of always wanting to keep the gifts that I make- this project was great because I easily made about six in a half hour- meaning I get to keep one for myself! So impress your friends- let them think you are very clever- whip up one or a dozen of these hip little key chains!

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