Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another Small Bit Of Knitting

        I try and do things evenly for both my Littles- I try to be fair- but the truth of the matter is my girl often gets far more Momma made clothing items than The Boy does. This could be because she is interested in clothes and get excited picking out patterns and fabric- The Boy doesn't really care one way or the other. So when we were on vacation this past summer and he picked out some wool at the Farmer's Market I jumped at the opportunity to make something for him that he was excited about.

        He had two requests- he wanted a hat and it needed to not be itchy- very important if you live in a place where hats are necessary more days than not! The homespun alpaca was perfect- nice and chunky but super soft so it would not irritate the forehead- so annoying when that happens. I know this super soft, super warm beanie is just the ticket to keeping my boy's ears warm on these chilly fall mornings!

     The pattern was a bit of a surprise- I found it in a book called Harvesting Color by Rebecca Burgess- I've become a bit obsessed lately with natural dyes and so in pouring over this book decided to try the Slouchy Knit hat. The only thing I changed was in the ribbing- the pattern calls for a straight up knit one purl one ribbing- I decided to make it a bit more substantial and knit two, purl two instead- resulting in a beefier rib. The fun part of the slouchy knit hat is it is actually knit inside out so the reverse knit is what you see instead of the front of the stocking stitch- I liked that idea it's different.

     Today The Boy is home sick from school- he is snuggled up on the couch watching cartoons- I'm looking at him in wonder- he seems so little when he's like this- most of the time his personality fills up the room and we forget he is only five. I'm going to tuck in for some snuggles with this kid today- he's always too busy for sitting still - so I'm going to take advantage and snuggle up!

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