Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labour Day

         This morning we woke to a clap of thunder- the second such storm to hit our fair city in under a week- but there you have it- the end of Summer- it's Labour Day and tomorrow is the first day of school. After a stellar weekend we are tucking in and just relaxing in pajamas all day today- doing some baking for the weeks ahead and packing for next week's camping trip.

         I love long weekends and feel it should be mandatory that an extra day be tacked onto every single weekend- think about how much happier we would be as a nation! If Canada instituted a four day work week we would be the most well rested nation which would lead to higher productivity in the work place, stronger families, and longer life expectancy*! Just saying Mr. Prime Minister you should think about it!

       Today I am teasing y'all with some shots from our recent visit to Squamish- Outdoor Recreation Capital of B.C.- more to come tomorrow! Enjoy your bonus day Friends- I know I will!

* this is totally just my opinion but I bet if you look hard enough you will find studies to back up my theory!

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