Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Movies For Mommas

        I am loving this summer- warm sultry weather and endless days- makes me feel like a teenagers. These last few weeks my friend Alison and I have been joining hundreds of other folks in Stanley Park for free Summer movies- last night was the 90's classic Clueless- helping to add to that youthful feeling- like Whatever!

        Movies in The park are so much fun- the movie starts at dusk and feels like a giant slumber party- everyone has their spaces staked out with pillows and blankets. Yummy snacks are always a must- as are decadent bevies- spiked idea tea and mojitos- so good! This year there are food trucks- White Spot and Mini Donuts- but I think part of the fun is bringing your own snacks!

      If I am really honest one of the best parts of these movie nights are the lack of children- my own children- as much as I love them this Momma and all Mommas sometimes need a night out- a chance to breath and laugh and perhaps make inappropriate jokes! This parenting gig is tough- rewarding but really tough- and being able to get away for a few hours is ever so good!

     The line up for movies in the park is pretty fantastic- I am so sad that I will be away for Breakfast Club next week- but am stoked for Momma Mia the following week! Fresh Air movie nights are getting super popular these days- here in Vancouver movies are every Tuesday night at the meadow at Second Beach- movies start at dusk- click here for the line up from Fresh Air Cinema.

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