Friday, June 28, 2013

To Live in An Old Shack By The Sea...

 " To live in an old shack by the sea
(and breath the sweet salt air)
To live with the dawn and the dusk
The new moon and the full moon
The tides the wind and the rain...
To surf and comb the beach
And gather sea shells and driftwood
 And know the thrill of loneliness
And lose all sense of time
And be free

To hike over the island to the village
And visit the marketplace
And enjoy the music and the food and the people
And do a little trading
And see the great ships come and go
And, man, have me a ball

And in the evening
(when the sky is on fire)
Heaven and Earth become my great open cathedral
Where all men are brothers
Where all things are bound by law
And crowned with love
Poor, alone and happy
I walk by the surf and make a fire on the beach
And as darkness covers the face of the deep
Lie down in the wild grass
And dream the dream that dreamers dream

I am the wind, the sea, the evening star
I am everyone, anyone and no one"
                      Eden Ahbez

     Friends it is Friday- the long Canada Day weekend in our great country- we are headed into nature to find some quiet and calm- to gather ourselves close and just let go for a few days. I read the above quote over on A Well Travelled Woman- it really resonated with me- I could feel the peace and love creeping between the words- this is my wish for you on this weekend- peace.

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