Monday, June 24, 2013

Strawberry Season

        This weekend it was determined that we needed to go Strawberry picking- last year we missed out and the Littles were super disappointed- so this year we were going to avoid all those "Sold Out" signs and get in while the picking is good. We hit the season smack dab on the perfect day- the berries where perfectly ripe and the weather co-operated!

         We made the trip out to Ladner- across the historic green wooden bridge to Westham Island- Emma Lea farms had come highly recommended - apparently half of Vancouver was out in those fields and had we looked hard enough may have found a few familiar faces!

         Field picking is obviously much different from picking berries out of the pots on our deck- the Littles were thrilled by each plump, juicy berry they discovered- only to move onto the next plant and be thrilled all over again! Shouts of "look Momma! I found the biggest berry ever!" could be heard from up and down the rows. Of course every Little was thrilled by the wagon's provided- adorableness was everywhere you looked with kiddos hitching rides back from the fields in wagons full of strawberries!

          I was surprised at how fast and easy it was to fill our bags with berries- I had expected to be out in the field much longer with kids who tend to take forever with anything- but they totally got into the berry picking and we were done in a short hour! Emma Lea has a small playground and grassy area to run around in- and of course there are those strawberry milkshakes- sorry no pictures they disappeared fast!

          Along with berries and milk shakes Emma Lea has a small selection of in season produce available - this week it is potatoes. If you go take your own buckets- not bags like we did- stop in at the register first to have your buckets weighed before heading to the fields for strawberry goodness!

         Emma Lea also has blueberry bushes- which are almost in season- July 15- I can hardly wait! We spend so many months of the year consuming and just taking from our freezer and pantry- this is the season I love best- the time to start stocking fresh summery goodness away for the winter. I know one day in November or December I will be making Endless Summer Jam from berries picked on a warm June Saturday- pulled from my freezer - a bit of sunshine on a chilly day!

PS- OK clearly Mother Nature is mocking me- as I sit here writing about sunshine it is pouring- like literally bucketing down rain! we are leaving for a camping trip in just a few short days- I'm doing the sunshine dance for better weather!

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