Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Am Not A Knitter...

         I am not a knitter- not really- not yet- but I feel I am on my way! I learned how to knit for my knitting badge in Brownies years ago when I was a wee one- my Grandma and my Mom patiently helping me with my tight stitches- frantically wrapped around my first set of needles. After receiving my badge I remember knitting various items for my dolls- a blanket- scarves- you know items that were square and flat- in thirty odd years not much has changed in my knitting ability.

        Until I got it in my head that I want to knit myself a sweater- I'm going to do it- I'm determined! One day while obsessing over wool and stalking the Quince & Co blog I decided to jump out of the pan and into the fire- I ordered a pattern book- which is shocking because as far as I can tell all knitting patterns are in Greek. I had completely fallen in love with the images with in this little tome- completely fallen in love with the romantic notion that I too can knit one of these gorgeous items.

      So this week I grabbed my double pointed needles and started with the easiest project in the book- The 70 Yard Mitts. It may have taken me almost a week to knit two- OK three- little mitts- but I did it! And they actually look like the picture in the book! Between this book and YouTube- I think I may just become a knitter yet- one day- soon!

P.S- this mitties are going to be perfect for sitting around a campfire with a hot mug of coffee- oh I can't wait!


  1. I heart knitting! Currently I am making a blanket for my niece. I suspect my baby will be born before this blanket is finished. It's the first time I've followed a pattern that requires more counting than a hat.
    Also kudos on DPN, I loathe them, I stick to circle needles.

  2. YOu did great! They look so cozy! Thanks for joining in!


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