Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The Garden

      OK so it is clear that I need a yard with room for a large garden- but until that day swings around we do what we can with what we have- we are learning the ins and outs of container gardening. Last week the weather was stellar and I should have planted then however I waited until the weekend- in a torrential downpour we headed to our local nursery to pick up just one more planter and some more dirt.

    The new planter is home to some yummy sweet snap peas, radishes and the lettuce- can't wait till they start popping up! We are loosely adhering to the square foot gardening rule- planting our planters by the square foot to ensure maximum plant growth and food production. Remember those tomatoes we started sprouting a couple of months ago in empty eggs shells? Well I now have to figure out how to fit six heirloom tomato plants out onto our deck!

    This all started a few years ago  with a couple of strawberry plants in Terracotta pots- now those same three plants have been joined by a few others- competing for space in the small area of full sun on our deck. Now we have loads of herbs, kale, garlic, peas, radishes, lettuce and all those tomato plants! Plus my Hostas are going bonkers and need to be split again- but I can worry about that in the fall!

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