Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fire Baked Apples

         Camping season is right around the corner and thanks to a good friend for navigating the world of government campsites- our first trip of the season is booked- lock stock and barrel- well almost we still have to book our spots on the ferry. At any rate we are all looking forward to those nights spent outside around the campfire with good friends by our sides and lots of yummy treats- because that is what camping is all about right? The food!

       While at my parents I thought I would try out a tasty looking treat I had seen earlier in the week over on Heather Cameron's blog A Day In The Country for fire baked apples. Lets just say we were not disappointed! This treat is like a twist on your classic apple crisp- but cooked over a camp fire makes it a bit more novel and fun!

What To Do:

- Peel and core out an apple
- Place it in the middle of a square of parchment paper and TWO pieces of foil wrap
- Stuff the hollow left by the core with a tablespoon of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and I added nutmeg- naturally!
- Wrap everything up into a little package to be set directly into the low coals- anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on your fire
- We served ours with ice cream but yogurt or whipped cream would be equally good

        I love sitting around the camp fire- the meditative qualities of staring into the flames, the cold beer in my hand, warm face cold back- this is what summer is to me. At my "one day" home there will be a fire pit with big cozy chairs surrounding it and we will have a fire every summer night it does rain! Of course we will have Fire Roasted Apples and S'mores as well- naturally!

p.s.- I would also like to mention that Heather Cameron's blog was the first blog I started following- making me want to live in the country and indulging in my love of vintage eye candy! Not that she needs the publicity but have a gander at her blog- like the apples you will not be disappointed!

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