Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finding Our Way Home

      We are home- in our own home that is, by the sea, with a coffee shop downstairs, bathed in the soft neon lights of the city- constant buzz of traffic. Despite the lousy end to our vacation we had a fantastic week with the Littles getting to spend some very special one on one time with both sets of grandparents- that's what happens when everyone in the family gets sick- kids get passed around to who ever is well! I know that The Boy enjoyed his trip to Dairy Queen with his Opa and Miss Lo thoroughly enjoyed time spent outside with Poppa.

      This week was a much needed break for me- time off to recharge my batteries, gather some new inspiration. I love that there are so many creative souls in my family to connect with- my parents each have something to offer in the form of their thoughts and opinions and both my nieces are very creative in their own way- yes baking your heart out is not only appreciated by, others it's also a fantastic creative outlet.  I will hold onto these connections and let them marinade for a bit, letting them seep into my work over the next few weeks.

      Yesterday was such a long and exhausting day- travelling usually is-  coming out of the town of Hope and rounding the corner to Chilliwack we were greeted by the most glorious sunset- we knew we were home! I was so happy to walk into a mostly tidy home and flop into my own bed last night- I slept for 13 hours. Today we are laying low- snuggling in our jammies again- eating left over snacks and treats packed up by our moms. I feel like today is sort of a do- over from yesterday as this is how we usually spend New Years day!

      I would like to say thank you to our family and friends for giving us a most magical week- my mom for well being my mom and everything she always does for us- even though she was sick too, my dad for the nature walks, bon fires and fun cooking times, my sister for listening to my hypochondriac worrying and my brother in law Kyle for making fun of everything! My sister in law Pia for an amazing Christmas Eve, our niece Kayla for making that night magical for our Littles, our niece Tanya for her yummy cupcakes, our brother in law for his creative tobogganing solutions. Thank you to my In Laws for taking care of our Littles when we were down with the flu- I know they had a great time with you! A big thank you to our friends- we miss you guys and I know we don't get a chance to see you often- the time spent with each of you over the holidays was really special! A very special thank you goes out to the Universe for cutting us some slack and giving us such a beautiful day with safe roads to travel!

   Tomorrow we are back to our regular routine- I have so much to share- loads of inspiration and goodies! My hands are itching to get into my studio- but first I have a mountain of clean laundry to get put away- clean being the operative word there! See you tomorrow friends!

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