Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wooly Underthings

    The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, And since we have no place to go, Let it snow! Let it snow! Let is snow!

   Perhaps it is not exactly cold enough to snow yet in Vancouver- but lets face it the weather here in November is miserable- it's the cold dampness that sneaks through all layers of clothing until it finds your back and gives you the chills- obviously I have yet to acclimatize. Miss Lo is particularly susceptible to the chills- this summer gal of mine is always complaining she is cold!

    Cotton leggings are the de rigueur of toddlers on the playground here but they just don't cut it for her- what I had in mind was soft and fuzzy and warm- cashmere! Talk about the ultimate in decadence for a toddler to have cashmere leggings- but this was what I had in my mind and I set about scouring thrift stores for gently loved cashmere sweaters. After weeks of keeping my eyes peeled I came up empty handed- maybe nobody donates cashmere sweaters? Or maybe all the other mommas out there had a similar plan?

    My fantastic warm and woolly plan was put on the back burner and sort of forgotten about until the other day- I was sorting through old boxes of stuff- OK full disclosure- I was riffling through my fabric horde- when I came across an old maternity sweater- it was big, it was cashmere- it was perfect! One pair of cashmere leggings coming up! 

    In a wink I traced around a pair of the flimsy cotton leggings and made a pattern for the new leggings- just adding seam allowance and sewing up the same way a pair of p.j.s would- bonus I used the bottom of the sweater, with the finished edge, as the cuffs on the new leggings- too cute and easy to tuck into boots. Miss Lo is sure to be cozy and stylish this winter in the playground!


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