Friday, November 23, 2012

Demo Prep

   I have a Demo coming up this weekend- Demonstration for those of you in need of translation- my demo is all about art projects for kids- of course! I am really excited and slightly nervous as I haven't stood in front of a crowd- much less a voluntary crowd who are there to learn- in about seven months. The old nerves are kicking in as are the old toxic thoughts- what if no one shows up? What if I lose my voice? What if I have a know- it- all heckler? All these things have happened in the past- the worst was when no one showed up- it's a bit like throwing a party with no guests!



  Deep down I know I am being silly and insecure. I know I can handle anything that comes my way- including laryngitis- been there done a demo with that! I know that I will be there and give my best performance and if no one shows well then their loss! Deep breath- positive thoughts and a great outfit are the best remedy!

   With those positive thoughts running through my head I worked a bit on my preparation for the big day- which is this Saturday incidentally- yup it's close!  I had a bit of help in the form of two eager Littles who haven't gotten a lick of painting in all week! (Not that I recommend licking any paint- ever)

 I am really excited about the three projects I have prepared to help parents get their kiddos to take their art to the next level- beyond the crayons and paper. A common thread that I have heard time and time again from my friends who are parents is that they have the willingness to do art with their children they just don't really know what to do. Often books are intimidating and expensive - really nothing is better than seeing something happen live to help it sink in and get a person all jazzed up!

   I know that not everyone can or wants to give their kids great quality supplies to work with- often people relegate the crummiest of paints to children- and that is OK. What I would encourage every parent to do is buy the best quality that they feel comfortable with- I really like Yarka watercolours and we use them quite a bit- really reasonably priced and due to the higher pigment content the colours go farther which means they last longer than many cheaper brands. When given the proper tools a child will gain grater confidence in their own abilities.

   Another item that I frequently splurge on now that our Littles are a bit older is some decent quality watercolour paper. For a couple of dollars a sheet you can get at least six good sized paintings (or one really big one!), the great thing about using actual water colour paper is that it is designed to stand up to lots of water- so let the kiddos loose, step back and let the magic happen!

    Even if you can't make it down to Opus Framing and Art Supplies this weekend I hope that you will still get excited and break out the old watercolours with your kiddos this weekend- what better way to spend a rainy Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Maybe make some holiday cards or gifts for Grandma & Grandpa- Grandparents eat this stuff up- you will be a hero!

    If you are local with some free time this weekend- my demo is at the Downtown Vancouver location of Opus Framing and Art Supplies- right at the corner of Cambi and Hastings- the demo starts at 2pm and will go to at least 4pm. Feel free to come down and pick my brain- or whats left or it anyways! Aside from my all encompassing- life- altering- demo there is a strong possibility that you can find me wandering the Farmer's Market with a coffee in hand early on Saturday- this week I am going to try and get a pint of Ernest Ice Cream and I must get there before it is all sold out! Or kicking back with some girlfriends and mimosas on Sunday- destination yet to be determined! I hope you have a super weekend friends- may your feet be dry and your heart be warm!

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