Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

    I need some new glasses- badly and I have been looking for months for a pair that is unique and interesting but not insanely expensive. So far no luck- then I was rummaging under my bed in my box of accessories and I came across these two beauties. I love the top pair but they really pinch my nose and hurt- but they are pretty so I thought I would share- even if they are not really a contender!

     The second pair is actually a pair of glasses I bought in University- so 90's- I wonder does that count as "Vintage" I don't think so- not yet. When I put these on though I remembered why I love them so much- they fit perfectly and have just enough retro flare to satisfy my inner 50's housewife!

   It's so strange how something like a pair of glasses can change how you feel about yourself- obviously I associate these with my slightly mis spent youth- and I think they make me look just like I looked in 1995! For now at least these are top choice for my " new" glasses! Stay tuned to see what I end up with!

Ps- back in 1995 I borrowed $100- they cost like $360- from my friend Amy to buy these- we both were working at shoe stores in our local mall- I like to refer to these as my time share glasses- thanks Amy!


  1. No problem! Seeing you in them brings back all sorts of fabulous memories!

    1. Isnt it sort of weird how I look almost the exact as in University? I think I have always been "in my 30's"!


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