Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

    In our city there is a mysterious corner - famously known as the place where free stuff just shows up. It is like a revolving garage sale but no one runs it- furniture, computers, TVs and yes even clothing- although I am a bit suspicious about that last one! For years I was so confused who was leaving stuff out at this corner? Was it a recycling dumpster diving angel? It was pure city magic!

      One day at while at work I expressed my wonder at this mystical place- one of my co-workers had the answer- all the goods came from the thrift store across the street- this was the place things came to rest when no one would buy them. Mystery solved!

       While wandering along the side walk past this particular corner one hot summer evening I spotted a wee little lamp- very much worse for wear. In spite of my Mr's eye rolling I grabbed it and dragged it home. A quick wash, a few coats of white spray paint and a new shade later - I had myself a new reading lamp.

        I was satisfied for a while with my make over project but recently have felt this wee lamp needed some thing extra- and so with half a yard of fabric in hand it underwent a wee face lift!

     To begin with I traced the existing lampshade out onto a piece of newsprint- this became my pattern- I added about a half inch extra when I cut the fabric out so I would have enough to fold under and glue.

    I next applied Yes Paste all over the shade evenly with a stiff brush- you could also do spray glue- but I like Yes Paste as it is a vegetable based paste that is non yellowing and obviously not aerosol. Once  the glue has been applied roll the fabric onto the shade, folding and gluing the edges under as you go- I secured everything with clothes pegs until the glue had set.

    Ta-Da! My newly updated free- to- me lamp! This wee lamp is sure to give my side of the bed a hit of colour as well as providing light for my late night reading sessions!


  1. Are you talking about the corner in Kits?? I'm not sure the stuff is from the thrift shop - we pass it twice a day going and coming from work and the thrift shop closed months ago, but the mystery stuff is still showing up! I've always wondered about it too!

    1. Hi Shannon- yes the corner I am talking about is the one in Kits- the skinny on the mystery stuff comes directly from a staff member that worked at the thrift store- if things didn't sell for several months it would make its way- via the man that looked like a Santa- to the corner. The thrift shop did close that location but has reopened around the corner- rent was too steep!


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