Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playing Hooky

     Even the best laid plans often go awry and so yesterday when our day full of plans fell apart we did what anybody would do- we played hooky! I am well aware that these glorious days of sunshine are coming to an close- and quickly at that- months of rain are in our very near future and so with that in mind we ditched the laundry and hopped on the Seabus for an adventure. The Seabus runs between Gastown and Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver- we don't get over there often it just really isn't on our radar- so being there was a bit like being on vacation and obviously when you are on vacation you eat ice cream for lunch!

    We wandered through the public market and hung out harbour side speculating on the distant shore of downtown- OK mostly we were looking for our apartment building! Once we had exhausted the possibilities of the market we ventured a little further only to discover a small park tucked next to the Marine Technology Institute. It was so restorative for me to sit in the sunshine while the Littles explored new play equipment and interfered in a game of extreme Frisbee.

       Just being out of our element combined with the luxurious feeling of ditching all my chores and responsibilities really made this day feel like a true day off. We eventually meandered home where the Littles excitedly rattled off all they had seen and done to the Mr. who listened with envy- I'm sure he would have liked ice cream for lunch as well!  Yesterday was a great example of serendipity that once ruled how I lived my life- since having kids we have become much more scheduled and organized. So thank you fate for the reminder- when life gives you lemons you just play hooky!

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