Monday, September 17, 2012

A Peek at our Weekend

   This weekend just whizzed right by- I am not even sure still what day today is- although The Boy keeps track of these things- he knows today is Monday and it is a school day! My Mr.'s Mom was visiting from the Okanagan this weekend so we had the added excitement of having Omi along on our adventures- the kids were in their element soaking up the attention and the treats!

    Some stand out moments were Miss. Lo's first ballet class which she loved and after some initial hesitation quickly became her instructor's shadow. I am not sure if it needs to be said but fifteen small creatures swathed in a generous helping of pink and tulle grabbing stars out of the sky is possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

   We made sure to take Omi to Granville Island for treats and the toy store- the beautiful weather made it easy to sit and listen to the buskers while snacking on donuts from Lee's- rest assured Pumpkin Donut season is right around the corner!

    Our dear friend Caeley turned three recently- if you will recall earlier in the summer the discussion about all the three year old girls in my life- and so we were invited to help her celebrate with cake and games at a new park in town.

    To round out our weekend extravaganza we hit the Kitsilano Farmer's Market on Sunday for yet a few more treats as well as some heartier fare- Kale and Cabbage- needless to say the Littles were more excited by the chocolate chip cookies than the Kale. I am just so happy Summer is sticking around for a while more- we are soaking it all in- and until I have to break out my Wellies you can bet my toes will continue to sport a fresh coat of paint!


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