Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

    It all began with this pile of thrifted goodness in the spring- a length of Swiss Dot, a piece of tatting, some embroidery. My mom and dad were visiting us and my mom came up with the brilliant idea to leave the kids with my dad for a few hours while we hit the antique stores near our apartment- well you didn't need to ask me twice! Of course once we had sifted through the main bits of the antique stores we started in on a box of random fabric bits- old curtains and throws- which is where I came across all these lovely treasures!

  I always knew the Swiss Dot would end up on a dress or skirt for Miss Lo- in it's previous life the fabric had been a window valance - perfectly pleated with finished edges. This week I finished a full fall skirt for the little miss and used the Swiss Dot as an accent - obviously it goes super well with sparkly stripped tights! I didn't use any pattern as such and just sort of made it up as I went - we are both happy with the outcome and Miss Lo has declared this is her new twirling skirt!

 Another bit of fabric seemed to obviously be perfect for a bib like accent on a tunic for me- I believe at one time this piece was a doily of sorts but I thought it went perfectly well with this grey linen that I have been hoarding!  The pattern came from Simple Modern Sewing and is pattern 2a- the Short Raglan- Sleeve Top- I have made several things out of this book this past summer and love the overall simplicity as well as the beautiful images.

   When one starts to think outside of the proverbial box a person can achieve a much more interesting life- this holds true for many things including my wardrobe- never will I have that awkward moment when walking into a room and spotting someone else wearing the same thing!

p.s.- thanks to Caro for taking my picture- I have no idea why I always squint when getting my picture taken but there you go!

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