Monday, August 13, 2012

Draw Me A Lion

     A knock on the door from the postman is always a welcome addition to any day at our house- it usually means something new is entering our lives. The bills all arrive via the post box- but that is a different story! So today I was really excited when the postman handed me a sturdy brown Kraft envelope with the sunny cheery lion on it- I knew it would contain something good!

      Draw Me A Lion is the brain child of Lisa Cinar who I have had the pleasure of working side by side with in the past- let me just say she is a sunny as her stickers! This girl is the happiest individual I have the pleasure of knowing and it really comes across in this venture of hers. Draw Me A Lion is a line of fine art prints, cards, colouring posters and other activities that exude fun and creativity- something Lisa exudes herself.

    Back to that sturdy brown Kraft envelope that the postman brought to my door- inside was a beautiful new print filled with sunshine and flowers! This is not just a colourful print to be framed and hung on the wall- which it will be- joining a collection of art in our kitchen area- this is a visual story. On the back of the print is an exercise  card that encourages parents to help children read the image and talk about the story of what is going on - this is called using your imagination people- do you remember that thing that once let you play dress up or know that a box was actually a rocket ship? Imagination!

   The Boy informed me with out any prompting on my part that this was actually a picture of his stuffed cat - Batman Cat- who was playing hide and seek with him and his sister in Momo's garden
 ( Momo is grandma).  It is obviously summer and the pumpkins are almost ready to be picked. While the Boy was really drawn to the print, Miss Lo was drawn to the thank you note that also came in the package. She loves anything tiny and she believes this is a drawing of a ferry that lives in our strawberry plants. This card quickly disappeared into their room and was filed away with her other treasures.

       Lisa has also written two books- The Day It All Blew Away ,which was the first book I ever bought for our kids when I found out I was pregnant, and Paulina P. for Petersen- both of which are in constant rotation at story time in our house. I am so lucky to know Lisa Cinar and to have her brand of sunshine delivered right to my door!

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