Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

    On this Thrifted Thursday I am bringing you into a sunny corner in our living room, this is the place I like to sit and read or take refuge when the couch is overflowing with small children. Our books have come to live here and way up high rests a few of my thrifted treasures. The giant wine jug I traded a little while ago at a Garage Sale for some of my hand made cards- eventually I would like to turn it into a lamp similar to one I saw at Anthropologie. The small Ball jar came from Old Faithful a few years ago- the folks at Old Faithful occasionally buy vintage pieces to mix in with the new treasures in their shop. I like to think this mixing of old and new is what makes my own style interesting and, thanks to the vintage bits, one of a kind.

    This mixing of old and new has always been with me- I use all sorts of vintage flotsam and jetsam in my artwork. Old stamps and ripped books find a new life as part of my collages and cards, I am always drawn towards something with a past or a story. Combining well crafted vintage things into our life is preferable to buying something cheap and new that will last a brief time in our life- I feel buying vintage or even secondhand to be a more sustainable way of living. Using what is already here for us or using what falls into our life and trying not to buy more newly manufactured stuff.

    In this sunny little corner I like to sit and read, I sit in a chair that belonged to my Grandparents- it is comfortable like a hug. Combined with a woven pouf from Serena and Lily I feel this is an eclectic mix with a touch of Mid Century balancing out the Boho- for it is in my very nature, deep in my soul, I should be living in a Victorian Mansion surrounded by Brick a Brack. The Mr. however, common sense man that he is, prefers clean spaces with no clutter- and so we come to a compromise. A simple Ikea couch but it is bright green, a clean white book shelf with a Moroccan lamp and lots of art make this place we live in our home.

ps- Im not going to lie I love Ikea- if shopped well a person can find well made basic items that will last in their life for many years. Ikea is also a responsible retailer in regards to the environment- refraining from the use of chemicals ands substances that are harm full to people and the environment- ie. formaldehyde free glues. If I could build every piece of furniture in my home I would but for us Ikea is a good compromise.

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  1. Yes that chair is like a hug, I always steal it when I'm over!


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