Friday, July 20, 2012

I am going on a trip & in my suitcase ...

    I am going on a trip and in my suitcase I am going to take... Did you ever play that memory game? We actually are going on a trip- home to where we actually belong, in the country- for the weekend and I am super excited! I have big plans this weekend to even out these wacky tan lines, attend a surprise 50th birthday party for a special guy I know and enjoy my Mother In Law's cooking. I love going home.

   My bag always turns out to be the de facto hub of the trip- I am in charge of all the little bits that tend to get lost. In keeping with the memory game here is a collection of my essentials for the weekend...

1. For the carrying- Tory Burch & Feed for Holt Renfrew
2. For the reading- Taproot Magazine 
3. For the beach- Badger sunscreen 
4. For the bugs- Gaia Garden Apothacary's Citronella Bug Repellent
5. For the hands- Uncle Willy's Old Style Lavender Hand Balm
6. For the Joie De Vivre - Chanel Rouge Allure #32
7. For the money- wallet by Ruby Rebel
8. For the cool nights, sitting on, towelling off- Turkish Towels do it all
9. For the bribes- Yummy Earth Organic Fruit Lollipops
10. For the sanity- Iphone with Kate Spade cover

 This hand balm is amazeballs as my friend Pam would say. Uncle Willy's Old Style Hand Balm is locally made in Vancouver by Sweet Earth Soapworks. It has become my daily go to product that I use regularly after washing the dishes, the lavender is a subtle scent and the moisture actually soaks right into your hands instead of sitting on top and being greasy. It's like chap stick for your hands!

   Turkish Bath Towels seam to be the in thing in the bath room these days, however they also are handy out side their usual environment. I love this gigantic version that I found at Old Faithful on Cordova st- this really is the perfect beach towel. Thin enough to roll up and throw in your bag, wear as a scarf on a cool night, sit on for a picnic, use as a sun shade for a snoozing babe and in a pinch fashion into a super hero cape.

   Wherever this weekend finds you- in the country or in the big city - may you have sun on your shoulders, booze in your coffee and light in your heart- Happy Friday friends!



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