Monday, April 13, 2015

Rhythm of the Weekend

 As predicted our family is slowly starting to find a rhythm or grove if you will to the days that shape our weeks and months. With Momma working full time our weeks have had a lot less ease to them- a bit of uncertainty as to who would be picking up whom from where and a constant need to communicate the basic goings on of our days. There has been a lot of driving and not a lot of walking. There has been a lot of guilty donuts bought en route home from school!

With our weekdays starting to shape up into something of a routine again it only follows that our weekends are following suit- the Littles have started soccer on Saturdays in which somewhat of a forced routine will follow. We are falling back into habit- that dropped off last fall- of shopping the farmers markets again which is oh so good! Just in time to see the winter market wrapping up all the good things are just starting to come into season again- amongst them our all time favourite rhubarb- just in time for making the syrup and squares that we love so much!

         After not attending the markets for some time it is so refreshing to see new vendors joining the line up- wine and spirit purveyors are amongst the new merchants. We are looking forward to a kraft brewery joining the crowd- which would make our marketing all the more a pleasure! The winter market is wrapping up it's season over at Riley park- which is where for so many years it was held. Heading back to that spot under beautiful old trees reminded me so much of shopping there with The Boy as a wee babe- walking over in the heat of the summer and loading up the stroller with so many flats of blueberries I had to carry him home!

  Of course no visit to the farmer''s market is complete without a visits to the food trucks- this week's lineup did not fail to disappoint- my favourite Le Tigre (awesome because that is what we used to call our stroller back in the day- which was most decidedly a Wednesday). So anyways Le Tigre was there serving up their famous Crack Salad- shown below- sounds weird and looks full of kale but seriously if you ever get the chance try this salad! It is amazing- like mic drop amazing! Boom! That just happened amazing!

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