Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Threads

         Today- as is often the case- I really have nothing exciting to share- and yet the desire to come here and write all that nothing out is still strong. So here I am on a chilly January morning- possibly it's in part due to my reluctance to head outside and into this foul weather that I pull up my chair to the desk and sit down in front of the computer. I have already consumed all of the tea- in an effort to kick the coffee habit I have switched to tea- a friend and I are challenging each other to last the month- we figure it is sort of a good personal goal- which is shocking because I love coffee- but it turns out I ca live with out it! I blame all the tea drinkers at work- the lack of a fresh pot of coffee in the staff room has prompted me to turn towards a quick cuppa to get me through the afternoons.

      At any rate what I really wanted to share- aside from my tea induced ramblings on the state of coffee- is my new thread stash. Just before the holidays a friend and I ventured down to Granville Island- remember those crisp- sunny days we experienced in Vancouver- before the rain came- yeah those days I spent a tonne of time outdoors! A trip to Maiwa is always called for when one heads to Granville Island- nothing I love more than touching every single thing in that store! I came away with a variegated selection of grey silk and wool thread to use in my embroidery projects. We also paid a visit to the silk weaving studio where I indulged in some beautiful white silk thread- perfect for my quilting project!

       New threads being out to use immediately in a custom order- more pillows- always more pillows! You know it's the little things like a fresh skien of thread that keep me interested and going- a few new colours keeps the work fresh- immediately updating and changing the entire look of a design. So if you need me on this grim January day- you can find me curled up on the sofa- surrounded by beautiful colours and lovely textures. And maybe another pot of tea or two- just maybe!


  1. Lovely embroidery! Are those french knots? Someone will be very happy with those pillows!

    Next time I'm down at Granville Island I will have to add Maiwa to my list of places to visit! Those threads look gorgeous to touch and use!

    1. Hi Melissa! A visit to Maiwa is highly recommended! Love that spot! The embroidery for the most part of just a basic satin stitch and a few french knots! The thread is an amazing blend of silk and merino wool- heaven!


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