Monday, September 15, 2014

Rhythm of The Weekend

         This weekend looked a little different for our family- this was my first weekend back at work- our first weekend learning to adjust to a different pace- a different rhythm. I am pleased to be returning to a company that I've worked for in the past- it's like coming home- seeing old friends- revisiting old behaviours. The wonderful thing is this time I am working in our neighbourhood- further becoming part of this wonderful- eclectic- place our family calls home.

      My feelings on returning to work as a working mother are complicated- logically I know I have nothing to worry or even complain about- I work weekends and so our kiddos just hang out with the Mr.- we do not have to worry about day care. Of course as I stepped out the door I felt heavy with the knowledge I would be missing out on all sorts of family fun- simultaneously I felt light because I knew I was stepping in the direction of our dreams.

        My days were strangely singular- when not at work I found time to sit and quietly work on my next pair of socks- sipping a coffee and noticing changes in the neighbourhood- noticing the light moving across the cobbles- noting the fall colours popping up at shops. Quiet is a totally foreign concept for me these days- it was such a gift to walk freely and quietly through the streets.

         Of course upon returning to home at the end of my days I was greeted in the best possible manner- giant hugs and squeals of joy- so happy to have Momma home. Sometimes a little absence is just what we all need to make the heart grow fonder- I'm noting an increase in patience on my part this morning. Sitting here drinking my coffee this morning in the crisp morning air I can smell Fall- it's just around the corner. The time for wooly socks, boots and sweaters is coming- time for nesting into our family- seeking comfort in the simple things. I love this time of year- the changes in our life are bringing renewed creativity- a new rhythm.


  1. Ah, the return-to-work syndrome and leaving the kids. Well, at least as you say your Mr is looking after them so no daycare issues to worry about. But it's a change. It sounds like you are enjoying returning to your old workplace which is good.

    Love the photos. Is that Antique shop down in Gastown?

    Have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you Melissa! I am quite happy to be working again- looking forward to the day when it's part of our routine and just happen naturally! The antique shop is in Gastown- Solomun Gundy's- a favourite spot of mine!


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