Monday, April 22, 2013

Field Trip: Make It!

        It's Monday- again! I really feel that long weekends should happen at least once a month- bare minimum- regular weekends are way too short! This weekend was no exception- I hosted a clothing swap on Friday night which was fantastic- new and old friends coming together and each of us leaving with fun "new to us" additions to our wardrobes. Saturday we attended what was quite possibly the cutest and most well considered 1st birthday party ever held- dinosaurs, marshmallow pops and cupcakes- a good time was had by all. That brings us to Sunday and the Make It! craft show- held in the Spring and Fall this was by far the funnest craft sale I have ever attended- and I have done my fair share of sales. This was a field trip for the Mommas and I enjoyed every second!

      Held at the Croatian Cultural Centre on Commercial Drive this renegade revolution was not to be missed- music to entertain us while we shopped, demonstrations by Bird On A Wire plus some of the best vendors in Vancouver. I will fully admit it that as a maker myself I often go to craft shows seeking ideas and inspiration- it is always a pleasure to chat with other makers and learn their methods- this time I not only gathered inspiration and connections but also loads of super cute indie goodies!


     As with any show or sale there is a lot of the same stuff- lots of screen printed t-shirts, lots of jewelry and lots of handmade body care products- it is always nice to see artists being original and trying to hard to make a living doing what they love in such a competitive market.  A few real standouts in the crowd were the rice babies- beautiful peg dolls, fait pour toi- lovely handsewn dolls and mubiblossom- a real standout-  Miss Lo has several of their new hair clips and will possibly be wearing them to bed tonight!

     I always walk away from sales like Make It! full of energy and pirated good vibes- the mood is infectious and everyone is having a good time. The vendors really put their hearts and souls into weekends like this and the items brought home have most likely been made with love by the person who sis selling them- the intention and good vibes follow are palatable- this was an excellent way to wrap up my weekend!

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  1. This is lovely! I can really feel the energy of this craft show from the photos. And the gorgeous hairclips look wonderful! :) I'd like to get in touch if possible, please send an email to subscriber at roylco dot ca. Thank you!


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