Thursday, February 21, 2013

In My Kitchen

Who: Pinned from a friend on Pinterest

What: Marinated Mushrooms

When: just last night

Where: on the BBQ out on the deck! Yup it's staying lighter out longer each day!

Why: last fall I was going through some health stuff and started on a path to better nutrition- recently I got even more serious about it- I am kick starting my metabolism post babies and incorporating more vege- like a lot more vege into my diet! In an effort not to get bored I am searching out new and interesting recipes mainly to replace the rice on my plate!

How: This could not be easier! Since our kiddos don't eat mushrooms I thought there would be plenty of leftovers but no- the Mr. and I ate them all- so good!

1/2 tablespoon harissa
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
a few pinches of oregano
2 cups mushrooms

- whisk together harissa ( the star of this recipe- caution spicy!), olive oil, balsamic and oregano in a bowl- clean and slice mushrooms in half- I used white mushrooms as that's what I had on hand but Portobello or Brown mushrooms would also be great! Add mushrooms to marinade, toss to coat and let stand for a half hour.

- preheat over to 350 degrees or heat up grill- roast in over for about 10 minutes or grill on BBQ for about 5 min per side

Seriously try this- so easy and so, so yummy! The Mr. who is not as big of a mushroom fan as I am even had seconds- this recipe is a sure fire winner!

* I purchased my harissa at La Marche St George
* the original recipe is from the blog Dinner & Dreams

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