Friday, July 13, 2012

Took a walk in my neighbourhood...

        When ever I go for a walk in our neighbourhood I have The Junkie Song by The Be Good Tanyas running through my head. It's off their album Chinatown. I love that it starts out "took a walk in my neighbourhood, it was two in the morning, by the skytrain station" 

     I feel the Be Good Tanyas have walked down these streets before- in fact I am pretty sure they have- Hey wait don't they live around here?Anyways like them I know that behind the word junkie and homeless there is so much more- a person with a story. You can't live in this neighbourhood and not know that.

     Since moving to Vancouver 10 years ago I always felt something was lacking, a sense of community and acceptance where ever we lived. The Mr. and I tried several areas of town and even ventured out to the burbs for what felt like the longest year lease ever! It wasn't until we moved into one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada that I started feeling that sense of being welcome and accepted.
      It is with this soul-full song and this amazing feeling we explore our neighbourhood; the one where our children's friends live, the one where we meet people we know on the side walk, the one where we buy yarn for knitting and art supplies for creating, every day.The neighbourhood we are a part of. This neighbourhood of ours is changing every day, yoga studios are popping up, a posh baby store, a little less gritty but still beautiful.

     This is where Vancouver started, glimpses of the past abound- Gassy Jack is just up the street. And while Florists and boutiques are taking over the tourist shops and rug stores, a current of independence and freedom is easily paliable. A distinct creative spirit that is all encompassing and welcoming- I feel I have wondered long enough and have finally found my neighbourhood.

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  1. Beautiful writing... poetry really! Loved it. I miss Vancouver.


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